Missed the group

March 15, 2008

Rolling out of bed this morning, all I heard was thunder and rain. So I did what came natural; got up, threw my clothes and grabbed my camera to go storm chasing.

I decided to drive to my favorite abandoned gas station, since that would give me a bit of cover from the rain, and there was a bit of a light show on the way. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, the majority of it passed by. Well, not wanting to waste a trip, I set up and started snapping away. The pre-dawn light made for a few good shots.

I like the contrast of the building in this one:
bright green building

This is the only shot I managed to actually get lightning in (just barely). It’s in the middle behind trees, so can’t really see anything besides the clouds lighting up.
hard to see but theres lightning

This one is neat because of the plane. If you look carefully, you’ll notice how the beacon on one of the wings was flashing, causing three distinct bright spots.
theres an airplane

Now that the rain has passed, time to head out running. For the record, here are some of my better storm shots.


In praise of the sports photographer

January 31, 2008

Having recently decided to re-post the pictures from last years Thrill in the Hills race, I recalled some things that I had forgot:
Wow, I took a lot of pictures. Over 1000 of them, actually.

  • It takes a long time to go through them all. A real long time.
  • It takes almost as long to upload them to a server. We’re talking hours.
  • There were some good shots in the set.

As I started uploading them, I decided to clean house a bit, so the set now contains only about 650 shots. Maybe that will make it easier to find your picture in them. I would have cleaned out a couple hundred more, but I had already uploaded half of them and didn’t feel like going through it again. For most the finish line pictures, I took 2-3 shots are people came across. The cleaning consisted of getting rid of the worst of the shots. You’ll noticed the cleaner sets in Finish Line III and Finish Line IV and Starting Line.

This is a shot I didn’t catch in my favorites last year, but saw it this time around and thought it was great.
Guy leaping across the finish line

And here’s one of my favorites of the whole race.
Guy running behind a tree

(Unfortunately, I don’t know who either of these guys are. If this is you, let me know.)
All the pictures are here. Hope you enjoy.

Group run in the wood

January 18, 2008

This morning the Runners Fit group headed off to Elachee/Chicopee Woods for a group run in the woods. 13 of us braved the cold (31 degrees) for this grand adventure.

After the caravan over there, I headed in one direction with my camera while everyone else ran the other way. (I know there is a joke in there somewhere!) The plan was for me to meet them at the suspension bridge for pictures, and I wanted to go the slightly shorter route to make sure I beat them. I barely did, by about 3 minutes.
Having barely time to set up, I started snapping away. Once everyone made it over, we paused for a group picture. Given that this meant people had to stop for about 5 minutes while everyone gathered, it went okay. After this, everyone quickly took off for the back 3 miles. I hung back with Mark to take the short route back.

GroupRun_20080105_0094About halfway back, I split up with Mark to wait for everyone on a straight downhill section I
noticed on the way up. Seemed like the perfect spot to pick up some more pictures. After going up and down it a couple times to stay warm get some exercise, I heard the leaders coming back and barely got turned around in time to meet them. Another 5 minutes of great shots later and everyone was done.

I packed up and headed back, last in line as usual.

I managed just under 4 miles, and about 175 shots. Highlights can be seen here.