Three steps forward, two steps back

March 10, 2008

Ah, treadmills can be so boring. So one ends up coming up with any old way to entertain oneself. Usually I do some sort of ladder, where I start, and at a given increment, increase speed. Repeat as needed.

Today, I tried something new. I jacked it up to my average speed, then went in one minute increments increasing the speed by .3 mph. then in one minute, dropping it two. Repeat.
Once I got to where I thought was a decent 1/2 point, I switched. Went down by three for a minute, then up by two.

The net result was good. I was entertained/engaged the whole time by having to pay attention to the clock. Overall, I kept a speed well above me average for a longer period then my usual step workout, and I was very “worked out” when I was done in 30 minutes.

Please share-how do you entertain yourself on a treadmill/trainer?