Where ideas come from

As you know, last weekend I had some serious knee problems. Getting up on Tuesday, my knee was still throbbing enough that I decided to take the week off. (I did some stretching, but no running or walking.)

Now, this is all well and good, but without actually doing anything, a couple things happen:

  • I put in an extra few hours into work, since I don’t take much of a lunch break if I’m not working out. My boss loves this, and doing it occassionally doesn’t bug me. However, I start to get grumpy, because I’m not burning any physical energy off.
  • Being at my desk, or at home, or anywhere else, since I haven’t done anything, I tend to daydream about doing something. These “ideas” pop in my head, and things start happening.

It’s the second bullet that’s more interesting. It was one of these idea’s last January that led to the 29 Cubed challenge, where I thought it would be a good idea to do 29 miles in 29 hours on February 29th. As we all know, that came out a raving success, with a people around the world joining in and completing it.

This last two weeks have generated two new ideas. The first is, on the last weekend of June, we should go out and do some sort of crazy miles. I was thinking of 36, since a race that’s tenatively planned in September involves that mileage. And, conveniently enough, there is a local trail that is 6 miles, so doing 6 laps seems reasonable. Now, this idea is still in formation, and may be put on hold because of my knee problems.

The second idea is all about my knee and the Darkside marathon course. Because the course is essentially flat, it’s perfect for walking. And by walking, I don’t mean a leisurely stroll around the park, I mean race walking. Fast, funny looking, and smoking by slow runners (such as myself when I run).

The next 3M race is on Labor Day, which gives me 3 months to train. (However, due to another race, I may not do this one. Will have to wait to see the schedule later in the summer.)  Even better, in October, they have a 50K on the same course. This is more appealing for a couple reasons; It’s fully supported and it’s a 50K.

I’d like to do the 50K in under 5 hours. This will be tough, since adding 5 miles onto my best marathon time puts me well into 6 hours. I’ll need a plan, and some training. Matter of fact, it would probably be safe to say I’ll need a lot of training. And it’s going to be hard. Maybe even really hard.

The basics of what I need are:

  • Strength and flexibility training.
  • Serious VO2/Heart Rate improvements.
  • a lot of work on form and technique. Maybe even trying to fit a clinic in somewhere.

Now, I need to go figure out how to do that…


5 Responses to Where ideas come from

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey, so 36 miles huh? Dude i’m happy if i can run 5 miles! For me, 36 miles is just way to daunting. I want to so badly run a marathon in 2009! Thats my goal for now!

  2. David Ray says:

    It’s hot! Too hot to plan 36 miles in late June. There’s a reason the race calendar is almost nonexistent during summer.

    That said, the training continues regardless of weather. So why not plan something long, especially on the loop course which provides a convenient bailout option.

    The 5 hour 50K goal seems rather ambitious. First goal is healthy knees, then just completing something like a 50K is a win. I’m gonna shoot for the Pumpkin Butt 50K in October.

    Are you planning to focus on the racewalking for the present? Is that what the clinic is for?

  3. bigrahn says:

    Michelle, Once you get past 13 miles, it’s mostly mental. Well, okay, there may be a few blisters and soreness thrown in for good measure, but really, mainly mental. (the wall comes at 18, but that’s a bit different.) Looking at your training now, you shouldn’t have any problems in ’09.

    David, you mean it gets hot in Georgia during the summer? 🙂
    Does this mean your not going to do Hot-To-Trot in August, when it’s even hotter?
    Yeah, the times I’m looking at is very ambitious…One big difference is the course I’m looking at is flat, unlike the usual 50K that is going up and down mountains. (But the downside is it’s paved, so a bit harder on the knees.)

    As I mentioned, this is still in the “I’m thinking about it” stage. We’ll see how the next couple weeks goes.

  4. David Ray says:

    Yep, no Hot-2-Trot for me. The heat is scary.

    The flat course can help, but 50K is 50K. So you’d have to do better than 6 miles/hour to make 5 hours. And that’s moving whether you’re running or walking.

    I’d love to be that fast.

  5. Stacey C. says:

    Thumbs up!!

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